The Problem


Female commuters are suffering from a huge transportation crisis.


Roshni Rides recognizes that women in Karachi are 4 times less mobile than men leading to a decrease in independence and job participation.


We believe we can close this gap by formalizing the current pick & drop system through our digital platform.


We are working with corporations & universities to bring a more mobile Karachi to women.

The Solution

Roshni Rides is a carpooling platform that connects commuters to a network of nearby riders and dependable drivers. We are a smart solution to a widespread problem. Roshni Rides creates brighter lives, one ride a time.

Our mission is to empower women in Pakistan through transportation regardless of their socioeconomic class.

How It Works

Our model provides reliability, affordability, and safety through a three-step solution: Subscribe, Select, Match.


Riders sign-up to the Roshni platform through their company.

Route & Schedule

Riders input their pick-up and drop-off points.


Riders are matched to nearby passengers who have a similar commute.


The Roshni Rides Team

Roshni Rides is the 2017 Hult Prize Challenge winning team. Every year, the competition asks students to create a business model that helps solve some of the worlds biggest issues. The 4 Pakistan-American co-founders saw a huge transportation problem for females in Pakistan and wanted to address it.

After a year long journey of being in the competition and working on their start up, Roshni Rides successfully won the Hult Prize Challenge in September 2017 and were awarded $1MM for their business. The team is now based in Karachi, Pakistan where they are empowering women through accessible transportation!

Team Member Team Member
Gia Farooqi
  • CEO
Team Member Team Member
Hasan Usmani
  • COO
Team Member Team Member
Hanaa Lakhani
  • CMO
Team Member Team Member
Moneeb Mian
  • CTO

Roshni Drivers

Safety is a priority at Roshni Rides, where we carefully select and train our drivers through a 4 point extensive vetting process. Having trained drivers is a top priority for Roshni Rides as they, along with our technology, distinguishes our solution as the optimal transportation choice.

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Our Roshni Family

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  • Partner
    • Sameer Qureshi
    • Umare Mohsin
    • Sheeraz Hyder
    • Noveen Lakhani
    • Asma Usmani
    • Tariq Usmani
    • Aijaz Ansari
    • Muhammad Siddique
    • Shakil Anwar
    • Tariq Khan
    • Ayesha Yamin
    • Asif Jamil
    • Beverly Aisenbrey
    • Mir Ahmad
    • Nausheen Ahmed
    • Ahmed Riaz Naji
    • Mumtaz Khan
    • Jamil Ahmed
    • Noorjahan Lakhani
    • Morad Chughtai
    • Samia Hasan
    • Waleed Kader
    • Arthur Certosimo
    • Inayah Lakhani
    • Sara Rangooni
    • Daanish Samad Moten
    • Adilia G
    • Umare Mohsin
    • Sumera Ansari
    • Riyaad Minty
    • Daria Torres
    • Aysha Lakhani
    • Khalid Ozair
    • Arif Mahmud


*In an effort to address the needs of our target market and meet industry needs, Roshni Rides has pivoted to a new business model since winning the Hult Prize Competition

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