The Challenge


Female commuters are suffering from a huge transportation crisis.


Roshni Rides recognizes that women in Karachi are 4 times less mobile than men leading to a decrease in independence and job participation.


We believe we can close this gap by formalizing the current pick & drop system through our digital platform.


We are working with corporations & universities to bring a more mobile Karachi to women.

The Solution

Roshni Rides is an end-to-end enterprise transportation solution. We charge your business per seat not per vehicle. With Roshni Rides, businesses only pay for what they need.

Our mission is to empower women in Pakistan through transportation.

How It Works

Our model is an affordable, reliable and safe three-step solution: Subscribe, Match, Relax.


Your Business signs-up to the Roshni Rides platform on a monthly basis


Your female staff is matched to nearby riders and optimized routes for a faster and reliable ride


Sit back and enjoy as your end to end transport logistics is taken care of


The Roshni Rides Team

Roshni Rides is the 2017 Hult Prize Challenge winning team. Every year, the competition asks students to create a business model that helps solve some of the worlds biggest issues. The 4 Pakistan-American co-founders saw a huge transportation problem for females in Pakistan and wanted to address it.

After a year long journey of being in the competition and working on their start up, Roshni Rides successfully won the Hult Prize Challenge in September 2017 and was awarded $1MM for their business. The team is now based in Karachi, Pakistan where they are empowering women through affordable, reliable and safe transportation!

Team Member Team Member
Gia Farooqi
  • CEO
Team Member Team Member
Hasan Usmani
  • COO
Team Member Team Member
Hanaa Lakhani
  • CMO
Team Member Team Member
Moneeb Mian
  • CTO

Roshni Drivers

Safety is a priority at Roshni Rides, where we carefully select and train our drivers through a 4 point extensive vetting process. Having trained drivers is a top priority for Roshni Rides as they, along with our technology, distinguishes our solution as the optimal transportation choice. Express your interest in being a Roshni Driver Today!”

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Our Roshni Family

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    Ghayas Kaifi

    (Fleet Manager)

    • Sameer Qureshi
    • Umare Mohsin
    • Sheeraz Hyder
    • Noveen Lakhani
    • Asma Usmani
    • Tariq Usmani
    • Aijaz Ansari
    • Muhammad Siddique
    • Shakil Anwar
    • Tariq Khan
    • Ayesha Yamin
    • Asif Jamil
    • Beverly Aisenbrey
    • Mir Ahmad
    • Nausheen Ahmed
    • Ahmed Riaz Naji
    • Mumtaz Khan
    • Jamil Ahmed
    • Noorjahan Lakhani
    • Morad Chughtai
    • Samia Hasan
    • Waleed Kader
    • Arthur Certosimo
    • Inayah Lakhani
    • Sara Rangooni
    • Daanish Samad Moten
    • Adilia G
    • Umare Mohsin
    • Sumera Ansari
    • Riyaad Minty
    • Daria Torres
    • Aysha Lakhani
    • Khalid Ozair
    • Arif Mahmud


*In an effort to address the needs of our target market and meet industry needs, Roshni Rides has pivoted to a new business model since winning the Hult Prize Competition

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