a transportation network solution that provides accessible, affordable and reliable public transportation for urbanized refugees.

There is a massive transportation crisis affecting displaced populations around the world.

Transportation is limiting the opportunities of refugees because current options are




The Roshni Platform

A dignified life depends on dignified travel

Roshni Rides is a transportation network solution that provides accessible, affordable and reliable public transportation for urbanized refugees living in informal settlements in South Asia.

There are 200 million urbanized refugees in South Asia who can’t access resources like markets, schools, hospitals, and places of employment due to a lack of public transportation options. This limits opportunities for refugees and hinders their ability to be self-sufficient. At Roshni Rides we believe that when you take away a refugee’s ability to be self-sufficient, you take away their dignity. Every refugee deserves to travel with dignity. That’s why we’re here to create brighter lives, one ride at a time.

How it Works


We partner with locations like hospitals, schools, and markets to create roshni stops. Customers will aggregate at these locations, called Roshni Resources.


We are utilizing ride sharing to help drive down costs for our customers.

Fixed Payment

Our customers will use a preloaded card, called Roshni Cards, and pay a fix price for their rides.

Meet Our Team

Gia Farooqi


Hasan Usmani


Hanaa Lakhani


Moneeb Mian


Roshni Family

The Roshni Rides team is so thankful to everyone who has supported our business thus far. These specific individuals have helped the team launch our Pilot Program. THANK YOU for helping the Roshni Rides team successfully launch our business in Orangi Town, Pakistan. None of this would have been possible without your contribution. We are so happy to have you be a part of our Roshni Family!
  • Sameer Qureshi
  • Umare Mohsin
  • Sheeraz Hyder
  • Noveen Lakhani
  • Asma Usmani
  • Tariq Usmani
  • Aijaz Ansari
  • Muhammad Siddique
  • Noorjahan Lakhani
  • Morad Chughtai
  • Samia Hasan
  • Waleed Kader
  • Arthur Certosimo
  • Inayah Lakhani
  • Sara Rangooni
  • Daanish Samad Moten
  • Shakil Anwar
  • Adilia G
  • Majid Lakhani
  • Sumera Ansari
  • Riyaad Minty
  • Daria Torre
  • Aysha Lakhani
  • Khalid Ozair
  • Arif Mahmud
  • Jamil Ahmed
  • Tariq Khan
  • Ayesha Yamin
  • Asif Jamil
  • Beverly Aisenbrey
  • Mir Ahmad
  • Nausheen Ahmed
  • Ahmed Riaz Naji
  • Mumtaz Khan


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