Happy New Year! We are back with another Employee Value Award to highlight the winner from this past January. This award is presented to those who embody the company’s 5 core values; Service, Commitment, Fearlessness, Integrity, and Agility. Let’s meet and learn a little bit about Adeel ur Rehman who won the Employee Value Award for the month of January for his commitment to Roshni Rides and spreading carpooling in Karachi!

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Adeel ur Rehman. I am an MBA in Finance and Accounts. I joined Roshni Rides since a year now, handling the company’s taxation along with the finances in Accounts department.

What are your interests/hobbies? 

I breathe and live in finance, I love my work. My hobbies include reading about world economy and financial growth. I also invest in stocks and mentor people on how to make investments in the industry. I usually spend my Sundays in analysis of the financial markets around the globe. I also follow some successful financial giants like Warren Buffet & Mario Gabelli which enhances my knowledge and perceptions towards thinking like them.

How did you get into your profession? 

I always had an interest in how to make money since I was a kid. While growing up I used to trade my broken toys for money. In high school, while students were not allowed to leave the premises to purchase any eateries, I sorted it out by negotiating with the management to let me allow to get the outsider’s food inside by giving the management a certain amount of cut. After that while in university, I always found Accounts & Finance interesting as it was a world on how money is created, managed and revolved around the world.

What led you to working with Roshni Rides? 

I love challenges, and when I heard there was a new startup who was looking to expand their operations in Karachi with their $1 million in funding, it peaked my interest to work with this startup to reach the max with my set of skills and abilities. I had been working for 6 years in corporates and I thought it’s a good time and opportunity to explore this new horizon.

What do you love about your job?

The culture revolves around learning and growing together, I love it. It lets the employees explore new learnings and contribute what they know to give a boost in personal and professional growth. I have learned so many things in just about a year about a lot of different functions and departments than I did in my last 3 years.

Why should our readers be passionate about what Roshni Rides does?

When nobody was thinking about how to start carpooling to help women and environment, Roshni Rides was. Looking at the issues in our society and tackling them to bring a change and being passionate about it is what I have learned here, and I think everyone should be passionate with Roshni Rides for this.

Where in the world would you like to travel to and why?

Every place in this world has different feel and culture, I would love to experience as much as I can by visiting as many countries possible.

Congrats Adeel on winning the Employee Value Award for January! You are a great addition to the team and we value your commitment to the team!