One of the first things Roshni Rides looks for as a carpooling company are individuals that are passionate about the mission. As a tech startup in Pakistan, we are always looking for the right talent that can turn this company’s vision into a reality!

This past October, Hassan won the Employee Value Award for his overall integrity as an employee. Let’s learn a little more about him and his time here as our 2nd employee!

Hi Hassan, tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Muhammad Hassan Mumel, MBA marketing working as an assistant marketing manager at Roshni Rides. I specialize in digital/conventional marketing, brand management, and customer experience. I have 3+ years of working experience with international brands managing their marketing and identity in Pakistan.

What are your interests/hobbies?

Since I was a kid, I have loved cars. Every detail that these creative artists put into these machines just fascinates me. I love how every machine is completely different from each other but is serving the same purpose.

As far as it is from what I do as a profession, I love engineering. Researching and learning about how things work is a big part of my appetite for curiosity. This interest of mine enabled me to know the ins and outs of almost anything that you can see in your house from a car to a mobile phone to faucet. This hobby not only benefitted me in my daily life but also helped me learn how to design, which gave me a superpower as a marketer as now I can put my own ideas to life by using these amazing design tools available. I have been designing as a freelancer for more than a year now which I love doing.

Why/How did you get into your profession? 

Have you ever wondered why people love the brands they love? and they love it to an extent that they decide to stick to it till they die? and that you (if you know the products) yourself are either Mercedes or BMW, IOS or android, Coke or Pepsi person. This is what sparked the interest in me to choose marketing as my profession. I felt to me like a real-life superpower that you can actually convince someone so much that they decide to pay you the money and stick with your brand for life.

What led you to working with Roshni Rides? 

I never had a start-up experience, and we barely heard about any impact based start-ups in the Pakistani ecosystem back in the days. When I saw a chance to put my skills and abilities into something that was not just any money-making machine but would help women in their commute in a megacity like Karachi, I opted in. It was something that we needed for women in a city like Karachi where their commute options are nothing more than filthy buses and overpriced pick and drop services. There was my motivation to start my growth along with Roshni Rides.

How would you describe working at Roshni Rides?

I was the 2nd employee in Roshni Rides, started with 4 co-founders and a colleague, and today we are a team of more than 25 people making it happen. Working at Roshni Rides can be referred to as bamboo. When I joined, things were slow and there were times things were not working out. But we held on to our mission and vision and things started to grow so fast that we didn’t even realize how much have we grown. An environment or learning, helping and growing is what makes Roshni Rides a big source of personal development.

Why should our readers work at Roshni Rides? 

A person can get a well-settled job, working on things they already know, and be in their comfort zone, but for young people that is pretty much suicide. We all know that there is no learning when we are in our comfort zone, we need to get out and face the challenges, be open to learning to make ourselves much more valuable than we are today. That is exactly what Roshni Rides does, Roshni Rides exposes us to the growth and challenges to discover solutions to the problems that are beyond our comfort zone, and I think that is where the immense amount of learning comes in.

What is your favorite movie? 

It’s hard to just stick to one movie but I love Inception. I loved it because it always seemed crazy to me how a moment in your dream can feel like hours of reality and how it controls the decisions you make in your lives. This movie was a whole new chapter for my perception of dreams.


Congrats Hassan on winning the Employee Value Award for October! You are a great team player and we value your hard work and commitment!