As a tech startup, it’s no surprise that our technology team is growing fast here at Roshni Rides. As we continue to expand, we are hiring talented individuals in Pakistan that are dedicated to making commuting easy for everyone!

Jawad joined the Roshni Rides team a little over 3 months ago as an Engineering Manager. This past September, Jawad won the Employee Value Award for his Commitment to the company’s mission. Let’s learn a little more about him and his time here so far.

Hey Jawad, tell us about yourself!  

Hi, my name is Jawad Hyder. I’m 24 and I am working at Roshni Rides as a Manager Engineering. I graduated in Computer Science from MAJU, Karachi and I am a Software Engineer by profession.

What are your interests/hobbies? 

Other than computer science and coding, I am very interested and fascinated about physics, especially astrophysics, and enjoy reading and learning about our universe. How everything came into being as it is and what’s beyond our observable universe are the questions which fascinates me the most.

I also have interest in electronics. I have a small electronics lab in my room and I like to build interesting circuits and robots when I have some free time as a hobby. I like to collect micro-controllers, sensors and circuit boards for my lab and to use them in future projects.

Why/How did you get into your profession? 

How I got into my profession, which is software development, is interesting. I was 15 years old when I heard from somewhere that I can create a website and put ads on that website generate income. The idea of earning through the internet was appealing for the 15 years old me so I jumped right into it 😀 Till that point I haven’t seen a single line of code in my life because there was no one with a computer science profession in my circle. When I saw the code for the first time, it looked like an alien language to me and I thought how is any human able to understand these random characters. With this curiosity in my mind, I started learning about it to have a better understanding and then I just fell in love with coding. 

From there I had a clear vision of what I would pick as a profession in my life. I self-learned about programming and problem solving while I was doing middle and high school and landed a job at VentureDive, the most amazing technology solutions company, while I was 19 and had just started my bachelor’s studies.

What led you to working with Roshni Rides?

The passion for making an impact on society motivated me to work with Roshni Rides. When I first heard about Roshni Rides and the product they were building, I became excited about this opportunity and wanted to take part in it. When I met Moneeb, one of the co-founders, his excitement and enthusiasm of the problem they were solving pumped me to pursue for this position. The responsibilities I was being offered, the amount of ownership it required were all the motivating factors for me to join the team and become part of the company which is solving a problem we all face in our daily life.

How would you describe working at Roshni Rides?

Working at Roshni Rides is Friendly, Challenging and Motivating. The culture of Roshni Rides represent a true startup environment where everyone’s opinions and suggestions are taken into consideration and everyone is an owner of the company. Your contributions are valued and your hard work is recognized. 

Why should our readers work at Roshni Rides? 

If you are the kind of person who takes interest in solving challenging problems and make an impact on the society, Roshni Rides is the right place to work. If you are a software developer and want to work on a product built for scale upon best engineering practices and cutting edge technology, this is the right place to polish your skills. 

Last question: What is your favorite TV show? 

Being a technology geek it is easy to guess my favorite TV shows are Silicon Valley, The Big Bang Theory and Pitchers. Although the second season of Pitchers never came out but the first one was phenomenal. 


Congrats Jawad on winning the Employee Value Award for September! You are a great addition to the team and we value your hard work and efforts!