If you read our previous blog post, then you know that listening to podcasts are a great way to stay productive during your daily commute! Now the question remains, which podcast should I listen to? There are hundreds of shows out there, but deciding which one to invest in can be a tricky process. Don’t worry, Roshni Rides has got your back! We did some research and asked our followers on instagram (@RoshniRides) what are the best podcasts out there. Here’s what we found out.

Top 4 Podcasts to listen to right now:

Planet Money 

Hosted by National Public Radio (NPR), Planet Money is a creative and entertaining podcast that explains what’s happening in the economy. According to our follower @kapadiahunain it is, “short, to the point story telling and well researched”.

Safina Society Podcast 

Hosted by Safina Society, a religious community center in New Jersey, the Safina Society Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by members from their community. According to their website, the podcast has episodes that “deliberate current events in politics and culture and reconnect them to [islam]”. Our follower @alyan_usmani mentions that, “the reason I enjoy these podcasts so much is because they have a great mix of entertainment and substance. You get to learn about Islam while being entertained…”.

The Indicator.

Another NPR Podcast, from the makers of Planet Money created The Indicator as an easy way to give insight into business, the economy and everything in between in under 10 minutes.

Motley Fool 

The Motley Fool is a financial services company headquartered in the United States that provides financial advice to investors. This award winning podcast informs listeners on how to invest the “Motley Fool Way”.

Happy listening!

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